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Topless Waitresses in Melbourne

Create An Event Like No Other with Topless Waitresses in Melbourne

Our stunning topless waitresses in Melbourne will do everything necessary to keep your guests happy and create an excellent party atmosphere. They will serve drinks, make conversation, and cater to your every need.

Related Services We Provide to Topless Poker Dealers in Melbourne

We are more than a one trick pony. We can give you something special designed especially for what you want and need from a night of fun and excitement.

  • Waitressing. As well as topless waitresses our girls can entertain you and your guests in cocktail dresses, bikinis for pool or beach parties, lingerie, and nude for more intimate gatherings. Our girls know how to get a party started and keep your guests happy with a drink in their hand all night long and ensure that everyone will talk about your event for years to come.
  • Shows. We offer something for everyone such as R-rated, bubble bath shows, strawberries and cream, dominatrix shows, super soaker, XXX-rated, and novelty shows tailored to your specific requirements to keep you and friends happy and entertained or take it to the next level and enjoy a solo show created just for you.
  • Poker dealing. Are your poker nights getting a little too boring? Amp it up and hire one of our gorgeous girls to be your poker dealer in a cocktail dress, lingerie, topless, or nude. We will help you plan an exciting poker game that will take everything to another level of fun. Enjoy a night like no other and be entertained by our smart, lovely girls.

Problems We Address Regarding Topless Waitressing in Melbourne

We offer many choices and the promise that your party details will remain private.

  • Over 250 girls. We have a massive catalogue of gorgeous girls to choose from that know how to help you get your party going. From blondes to redheads to girls with tattoos, the options are endless. Book an appointment to view our full list of stunning girls. They all know their stuff and can do what it takes to fulfil all your party needs.
  • Discreet and reliable. We are not in the business of sharing your private information, and we understand that when you make a booking with us, it should stay between us. Your private information and the details of your booking will never be leaked, and you can feel confident that your private night will indeed remain confidential.

Why Trust The Players Club Regarding Topless Waitresses in Melbourne?

With over three years in the industry and 12 months in operation, our business understands the balance between fun and being professional. We cater to events and parties all over Australia with topless waitresses, poker deals, strip shows or something a little more special if that’s what you need. You have tonnes of freedom when it comes to planning your event which means it we will tailor to your exact needs and requirements.

Contact us today to find out more detail about our services, and we can start planning your event from start to finish.