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Topless Poker Dealers

Try to Keep Your Eyes on the Cards with Topless Poker Dealers

Winning a hand of poker is a thrilling experience, but it's even more exciting when topless poker dealers are the ones shipping the pot your way. Whether you run a friendly home game or you want to set up a special poker-centric party, spicing up the evening with a bit of skin can be just the thing you need to take the game to the next level — or throw your mates off their own! At The Players Club, we're proud to provide easy access to the hottest dealers in town.

What to Expect from The Players Club’s Topless Waitresses

When you hire one or more of our models for an evening of cards and drinks, you should know what you'll be able to enjoy experiencing. We provide:

  • An incredible experience from start to finish, defined by sexy professionalism. Our girls understand that you want to achieve a particular atmosphere and setting with your event, and they work hard to perform to the highest standards. Friendly conversation, unobtrusive service and knock-out good looks are all on tap here.
  • Skilled topless waitressing and poker dealing based on the needs of your event. The Players Clubs’ dealers know the difference between a full house and a flush, and can keep your games running smoothly as chips change hands into the small hours.
  • Flexibility for events of any size. Want waitresses for a small intimate gathering between friends at a home game? No problem. Need to service a large event for an important client? We’ll scale to meet your needs.

Tips Regarding Topless Waitressing

Haven't explored a service like this before? Don't worry — everyone has a first time. Here's what to keep in mind to make sure your first time is a memorable one:

  • Think about what you require from the service prior to engaging our assistance. Do you want topless waitresses, or would you prefer a different route – one that includes lingerie? Have a sense of what you want to arrange ahead of time.
  • Enjoy the process of picking out the girls you’d like to perform at your event. You can view most of our available partners online, however some prefer not to advertise their services on the open Internet. During our in-depth discussions, we can supply you with the complete list for your perusal.
  • Be aware of the rules of conduct and ensure that everyone has a safe, fun and sexy evening. Physical touching of the models is not allowed and it's important to maintain respect for the models — but that doesn't mean there's no room for a bit of banter.

Why Choose The Players Club?

One of the stand-out features of our service is its flexibility — we're happy to cater to even the smallest of events. Prefer to make a one-on-one booking playing a heads-up game of poker with a sexy lady of your choosing? We can make it happen, just as we'll help arrange multiple models for waitressing bigger events. With an incredible selection and top-shelf service, you won't regret your choice; contact us directly.